– Bedsforpets and houses for dogs and cats.
– Unique designs, simple design.
– Geometric forms, modern Scandinavian design.
– Stylish interior items.
– Sizes for small and larger pets: from XS to XL.
– Vivid colors of materials, the possibility of choosing the right colors.

Our collection of indoor beds and kennels has been designed for cats and dogs who enjoy comfort as well as for their owners who appreciate beautiful design. To be environmentally friendly, we have used as much natural material as possible in our products. In addition, because all materials we use are of the highest quality, our products will remain an attractive part of your home for many years.In creating our beds and kennels, we have strived to combine certain essential elements: our love of animals, attractive design, attention to detail and stylish home and garden furnishings. You can buy our products online or at any of our stores. You can always contact us by email info@happies.pl, by phone +48 884 334 774 or via social media.


We are delighted by simplicity, linearity, geometry and modernism. For our projects, we used light, animal-friendly plywood, ergonomic, delicately impregnated with ecological oil-wax. We decided to combine it also with the juicy colors of the materials. Our beds are a designer alternative to standard solutions in the world of animal products. They provide safety and comfort, but most of all, they please the eye and fit perfectly into various types of interiors, with their simple, universal and original form.


We offer bedsforpets in sizes for small and larger pets: from XS to XL. For our animals, bedforpet is not only a place to sleep, but also a place of retreat, a place where they can hide and safely observe the surroundings. Therefore, our products can also be an enclosed space, although open enough so that the animal does not feel overwhelmed. Something like a safe primary den. Depending on the nature of the animal, we offer different and interesting solutions!


We try to use the most natural materials in our work and, above all, we make bedforpets ourselves, there is a human being behind each of our products. Therefore, each product has a separate story, the line of grains on plywood is always unique. We impregnate the beds with ecological, certified oils and waxes without the use of aggressive chemicals.


Moreover, we try to make our beds and houses not only visually attractive, but also useful and easy to fold. So we designed them to be assembled without tools. Bedforpets from the O-line collection can be easily folded and transported. And the good news is that with proper access you can keep things clean – the materials can be washed and replaced with other colors. Additionally, we provide the possibility of individual modification by our clients.


Our products can be ordered in sizes from XS to XL – for both; large and small four-legged! If you are interested in sizes S-XL, just contact us. We are also amenable to suggestions and changes. We also do not exclude products made to order. We are waiting for your suggestions!


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